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What is alexandrias genesis?

January 23, 2015 at 2:09 pm


Mainly people that surround us all have familiar eye colors, such as gray, hazel, blue, etc. There are other more rare natural colors of eyes, which are not caused by mutations – like green eyes. Only 2% of people have this eye color, even less have amber color or completely black eyes. Bu others in order to emphasize their individuality use lenses of different colors, so one can be easily deceived.

But even more rarely there are people who don’t need to use lenses because their eyes already have naturally unique color – purple. Purple eyes – the main feature of mutation called Alexandrias Genesis. In addition, people with this genetic disease have strongly developed muscles, fat fingers and a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. Many virtually have no body hair, and women don’t have a menstrual cycle, but they are still quite capable of procreation.

The number of owners of purple eyes on earth is very small. When in 1329 the child was born with this unusual color of eyes his parents asked the priest for help, having decided that this was the influence of a devil. But a church minister assured them that their child is not the devil, but simply belongs to a special category of people with rare color of eyes. It is believed that this pathology is passed through the lineage of mother and can be transmitted from generation to generation. People with Alexandrias Genesis are attributed to a longer life (up to 150 years), strong immunity and lack of opportunity to sunbathe, because of the extremely pale skin.

When a person with a genetic disease is born the color of their eyes is normal at first. But after six to ten months their eyes turn purple. Such people have most common eye color in the very beginning like gray or blue, but after about 6 months, the color begins to change towards purple hue and in about a year such babies have fully colored purple eyes. The color then becomes darker, more saturated, mostly during puberty. This is due to the appearance of a double row of genes. Fortunately, this mutation does not affect the sight of the person. But it is quite possible that the owner of purple eyes could have problems with heart. For example, such famous actress as Elizabeth Taylor also had a pair of wonderful purple eyes, leading to the delight of her admirers. But throughout all of her life she had problems with her heart of which she eventually died.

There is an old legend about the origin of Alexandrias Genesis. Several centuries ago the inhabitants of a small Egyptian settlement saw a bright flash of unknown origin in the sky. Shortly thereafter, in the village children with incredibly beautiful purple eyes were born. One of the first newborns was a girl by the name of Alexandria. Six months after the birth her eye color turned from blue into purple. And much later, when she gave birth to four daughters, it turned out that each of them also had purple eyes. In honor of the first girl the doctors called this phenomenon Alexandrias Genesis.

How to treat bladder infection?

December 23, 2014 at 2:14 pm

If you know how to treat a bladder infection?

I believe that many written bladder infections and still I hear the same questions, the same descriptions and even annoying pain in women who have previously bladder infections. Again and again the infection comes back -So what do we do to prevent the inflammation to go back every few months or weeks ….

It is important to know why women bladder infection also stems from a state of mind, according to Louise Hay’s words bladder is known fuel- doctor approval not to have sex with her husband –

What is a urinary tract infection?

Urinary tract infection is an infection that begins in the urinary system.

Infection can be limited to the bladder, however, if the infection is not treated quickly it can spread to the kidneys and cause more damage than just inflammation.

Urinary tract infection is the second most common infection after respiratory tract infection. It is estimated that each year, 8-10000000 people in the US suffer from urinary tract infection and the majority of women.

Natural remedies for urinary tract infection

If you decided to take a “cure seem natural” It is important to contact medical tests to make sure that this is indeed a bladder infection, along with recommended taking natural supplements that will not cause damage to the digestive system.

1) Cranberry

Cranberries are known for over a century home remedy to prevent and treat urinary tract infections.

Cranberries contain proanthocyanins prevent bacteria to stick to the walls of the urinary tract and help and allow urine to wash the germs.

Canadian Journal of Urology published a study of the test compared to pure cranberry juice cranberry extract tablets and placebo in 150 women at high risk of infection. Both are juice and tablets significantly reduced the inflammation, but the most effective of the two were tablets.

Cranberry juice should be unsweetened.

2) bear grapes

Grapes bear is an herb used as a folk remedy for certain types of urinary tract infection recommended for short-term time only, do not use the plant with diuretics.

Bear grapes contain significant amounts of compounds called tannins, however, people with kidney or liver disease or women or children, pregnant or nursing women should not take.

The side effects of a bear grapes may be brown or green colored urine, nausea, ringing in the ears, or indigestion.

There are other natural supplements to relieve either treatment-please you to consult with a professional before you buy …

Do you know? High Blood pressure can be fatal

November 23, 2014 at 2:12 pm

So you visited the doctor and it turns your blood pressure rose dangerously. High blood pressure is a serious problem, so after several repeated measurements in which the blood pressure values were measured consistently high and it was made clear that the problem is real enough, your doctor prescribed you medication to reduce high blood pressure, but is this the only way to attack the problem?

Family doctor does not have the time or the means to change your lifestyle, it can tell you in general but most available means that it is the blood pressure lowering drug. Before you start treatment lasts a lifetime Get some recommendations:

There are many types of drugs to lower high blood pressure belonging to the group via their action is different, for example, a group of beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, calcium and other inhibitors. You should understand why the doctor decided to give you precisely the particular drug. Get to know the different groups of drugs to lower high blood pressure and attributes, so you’ll know which of the options available to you.

Any drug antihypertensive many side effects or just some quite disturbing. It is important to get to know the side effects of the medicine that you are taking to the case of the appearance of this side effect can identify it and link between it and the treatment you receive. For example, a common remedy for high blood pressure lowering is Triteis (also known as Ramipril or Rmitns). This is an excellent medicine, but many patients who take it have a nagging cough and do not link it to treat drug which is actually one of its possible side effects. Remember that high blood pressure can cause severe disease but treatment may be dangerous and it is important to be aware of.

Did you know that there are drugs to lower blood pressure although it has been shown that they reduce the blood pressure, but studies have failed to prove that the treatment actually extended the lives of patients? Another reason to know your medicine. It is important to always remember that the goal is indeed lower values as close as possible to the values of normal blood pressure, but the real goal is to improve your health and extend your life. And it calls the next section.

Before you run medications have you tried really change your life style? Do you really prefer to take medicines every smile on my face the adoption of a healthier lifestyle? Regular exercise, weight loss, healthy diet reduced sodium and rich in calcium, smoking cessation and calming of tensions, all of these have been shown to decrease high blood pressure and in addition will benefit many other disease prevention, and improve your quality of life and mental status. Worth a try, right?

Herbs. If you already might be better natural remedies. Many people swear by natural remedies helped them balance high blood pressure often when conventional medications have failed. Worth to study the issue.

In conclusion, high blood pressure is a serious disease which, while it has no symptoms but it has serious consequences such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke and more. Fortunately there’s plenty to do, but do it wisely. Whether you choose to adopt healthy habits, medicines, dietary supplements or any other combination long as you are consistent and deal with that high blood pressure is not neglect.